Sunday, September 5, 2010


dinner at Zahav with Jenny.
its been on my list of places to go for almost 2 years!

an absolutely delicious meal (we got the tasting menu - which you get to pick 6 courses each!)
great Israeli wines (got the flight of wines which they paired with the courses)
...i can't wait to return and get my favorites again and try some new dishes.

turkish hummus. grilled garlic + butter with house baked laffa
fennel, eggplant, cucumber, lentils, carrots, okra, beets, cabbage
fried cauliflower. chive, oil, mint + garlic.
crispy halouni. cypryotic sheep's milk cheese, date paste, pine nuts.
tahcheen. baked rice, tomato, smoked chicken.
crispy sweetbreads. chickpeas, chile, lemon.
the farsi. hanger steak, persian rice, picked garlic, fried corn.
monsieur merguez. house-made lamb & beef sausage, cous cous,
spicy tomato paste, grilled carrots.
cashew baklava. white chocolate, date syrup.
glass of milk.
carob coffee cake. carob toffee, mastic cream.
turkish coffee.

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