Monday, August 1, 2011


After a very fun but exhausting day fighting the severe winds of winter riverside ice skating, Jenny and I went to dinner at Kennett Restaurant. The hearty, comfort food of Philadelphia's first 100% sustainable and locally-sourced restaurant is a gem among many. They also have sixteen local craft beers on tap. The owners also hope to make Kennett the city’s first bar and restaurant to achieve certification through the Green Restaurant Association.
Here was the line up for the evening:
roasted brussle sprouts: sprouts roasted with sun chokes and pork belly and fresh herbs
beans on toast: braised butter beans with tomato and ale on thick cut brioche with a fried egg
beets and feta: ruby red beets, cooked tender and preserved in wine,
vinegar, and spice with mild bulgarian feta, mint, parsley, dill, and chive
deliciously spicy bloody mary with house pickled green beans garnish
sticky toffee pudding: dates, sherry, caramel, and cream

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